Chair Master


Hans Wegner, the Danish design master known as “Chair Master”, has almost all the important titles and awards awarded to designers. In 1943, he was awarded the Royal Industrial Designer Award by the Royal Society of Arts in London. In 1984, he was awarded the Order of Chivalry by the Queen of Denmark. His works are one of the essential collections of design museums around the world.
Hans Wegner was born in the Danish Peninsula in 1914. As the son of a shoemaker, he admired his father’s superb skills from a young age, which also triggered his interest in design and craft. He began to apprentice with a local carpenter at the age of 14, and created his first chair at the age of 15. At the age of 22 Wagner enrolled in the Art and Craft school in Copenhagen.
Hans Wegner has designed more than 500 works with high quality and high production all his life. He is the most perfect designer who combines traditional Danish woodworking skills with design.
In his works, you can deeply feel the pure vitality of each chair, the warm characteristics of wood, simple and smooth lines, unique shape, in the achievement of his unshakable position in the field of design.
Wishbone Chair was designed in 1949 and is still popular today. It’s also called the Y Chair, which gets its name from the Y-shaped shape of the back.
Inspired by the Ming chair seen in the Danish businessman’s photo, the chair has been lightly simplified to make it more attractive. Its biggest success factor is the combination of traditional craft with simple design and simple lines. Despite its simple appearance, it needs to go through more than 100 steps to complete, and the seat cushion needs to use more than 120 meters of paper fiber manual weaving.



Elbow Chair designed the Chair in 1956, and it wasn’t until 2005 that Carl Hansen & Son first published it.
Just as its name, in the graceful curvature of the back of the chair, there are similar lines as the thickness of a person’s elbow, hence the elbow chair this lovely nickname. The graceful curvature and touch on the back of the chair convey the most natural yet primitive feeling, while the clear and beautiful wood grain also reveals Wegner’s deep love for wood.

Post time: Sep-13-2022
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